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How do I order a Fridge Fixer?


To order a Fridge Fixer, look at the top of this page for the "Order Now..." button.  Please follow the prompts and it will walk you through finding the right design for your refrigerator. 


If your refrigerator manufacturer or model number is not listed, select the "Not Listed" button.  The website will walk you through the process of measuring the refrigerator to determine which model you need.  If you run into a conflict between your refrigerator and the requirements, please send an email to Orders@Recubed.Solutions - please include your refrigerator's manufacturer and model number, all measurements you have taken, and descriptions (and photos if possible) of the issue.  

How will my Fridge Fixer be shipped?

We ship via USPS First Class Mail Parcel Service.  Typically it takes 3-5 business days for delivery.  Expedited shipping is available at an additional charge.  Please contact us directly at Orders@Recubed.Solutions for other shipping options.

How is my Fridge Fixer manufactured?

How is my Fridge Fixer manufactured?

The Fridge Fixer is composed of a combination of plastic and metal parts.  The intention of the design is to provide a very flexible design that can fit many different refrigerators with as few models as possible. 

The plastic parts are 3-D printed at this time.  3-D printing allows us to rapidly fabricate the parts, and to rapidly modify the designs to individual customer needs without the huge costs and delays of other manufacturing processes. 

The metal frame is composed of aluminum bars that can be easily adjusted to the specific requirements of your refrigerator. 

Do I need to alter my refrigerator to install a Fridge Fixer?

Do I need to alter my refrigerator to install a Fridge Fixer?

The short answer is "NO."  The Fridge Fixer was designed to be installed without any modifications to your refrigerator. 

The Fridge Fixer is designed to be installed in the horizontal gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors.  Refrigerator manufacturers generally have this gap clear of obstructions.  A few models have been encountered that have obstructions in the gap, or have obstructions restricting access to the door hinge mounting bolts.  We have developed designs to work around these features without altering the design of the refrigerator.  

We have also encountered some refrigerators that have had other locking devices installed by the RV manufacturer or by the customer.  If a device interferes with the area that the Fridge Fixer installs into, chances are the existing device(s) will need to be removed. 

If you have a refrigerator model that has conflicts but is not previously addressed, please contact us with details so we can determine if we can design a model to fit your situation.

What adjustments do I need to make on my Fridge Fixer?

The minimum adjustments that will need to be set are the Frame Width (adjusted by tightening setscrews on the refrigerator frame) and the Door Depth (adjusted by a screw on the front of the Fridge Fixer).  These adjustments are detailed in the installation instructions. 

Since the Fridge Fixer is designed to fit many different refrigerators, there may be other adjustments that need to be made for your specific refrigerator.

Generally, the bigger the horizontal door gap (between refrigerator and freezer doors) the easier the Fridge Fixer will be to adjust to fit.  As the gap narrows, additional adjustments may be necessary to get the proper fit. 

One of the more common adjustments is to compensate for Door Hinge Bolts that are not centered in the gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors.  In this case, an offset will need to be introduced to the frame to center the frame in the door gap.  Please check back with us soon to find a short video here showing how to adjust the frame to be centered in the door gap. 

Depending on the available door gap, the angle of the Fridge Fixer Frame may need to be adjusted.  If your Fridge Fixer is centered in the door gap, but touches the refrigerator or freezer door, this is the adjustment to be made.  Check back soon for a video detailing this adjustment.

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