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Check Refrigerator for Compatibility

Now that you have verified that your Door Gap is free of obstructions, you'll need to measure the door gap.  The door gap width should be consistent across the entire gap, but if it is not, please measure at the narrowest point.  The adjustable Fridge Fixers require a minimum 7/16" door gap, but if your gap is narrower, please contact us before ordering.  

Measure Door Gap per the illustration:



Measure Door Gap

Door Depth Measurement

Refrigerator door thickness varies depending on the model.  Some RV manufacturers will also add wooden panels to the doors, increasing the door depth.  To be sure the proper Fridge Fixer Design is ordered, the refrigerator door depth should be verified using the chart below.  If your refrigerator's depth does not fall within the range for the models listed, please contact us as we may have a different model suitable for your refrigerator.

The door depth should be measured from the outermost surface of the refrigerator door to the front of the refrigerator frame.  Measure at the center of the door, where the Fridge Fixer will be mounted.

This door measures 2.75" deep

Door Depth Compatibility.jpg
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