Our RV shipped with just a bungee cord wrapped around the refrigerator door handles.  It usually worked when the fridge was empty, but failed miserably once it was loaded with food. 

In addition to the frequent fridge spills, our young kids had a difficult time with the bungee.  Either they would lose control of the bungee trying to open the fridge - and get snapped in the face, or would be unable to reconnect the bungee when they were finished. 

But, even with the bungee, the refrigerator kept opening.  We needed to come up with something

One big advantage of cross-country driving is that you get a lot of time to think.  The result of this was the original Fridge Fixer prototype.  This device worked as intended, but it was not ideal for manufacturing.  

Over the next year, and countless prototypes later, the Fridge Fixer evolved into the family of devices being offered today.  

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