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Fridge Fixer contains plastic and metal parts.  At this time, most of the plastic parts are all fabricated on 3-D Printers. This technique allows us to rapidly produce custom parts to meet a specific customer's needs quickly.  But, 3-D printed parts do have a slight "grain". 

  • The 3-D Printed parts are very strong, but are not "unbreakable."  They are very durable, and should perform as designed under reasonable conditions.  
  • We stand behind our designs.  If you do have a problem, we will replace lost, broken, or damaged parts.  If you do have a failure, please let us know and we'll get it taken care of.  Any pictures you can provide of the failed parts would be greatly appreciated, as well as letting us know what happened.  We use this information to continually improve our designs.  Even if the failure was unintentional ("The dog ate my door block"), we'll replace it - we just need to know the circumstances so we can identify if there is a design issue.
  • Many of the pictures and instructions will show the Fridge Fixer's plastic parts in multiple colors.  This is done for clarity on the illustrations.  All of the Fridge Fixer's plastic parts are manufactured black in color.   
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