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  • As you are checking your refrigerator for compatibility, you may find something that is not compatible with the existing Fridge Fixer designs.  If so, please continue to check for compatibility, but when finished, instead of placing your order, send an email to Orders@Recubed.Solutions and give us all your measurements, model number, and a description of what the issue is.  We will try to customize a design to accommodate your refrigerator.  Most custom orders will ship in one week or less.
  • The model numbers listed are the left-most characters of the refrigerator model number.  Your model number will most likely have additional characters, but those extra characters should not affect your Fridge Fixer.  If the left-most characters of your model number match the model listed, you found your match.  
  • Please check your doors before ordering.  If your refrigerator has panels that were added outside the doors (wood trim panels for instance), the recommended model may not apply.  If so, please measure your door thickness (click on the button below for instructions) and email us the make, model number and door thickness of your refrigerator - we'll verify which model you need to order.  
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