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A Few Things To Mention

Fridge Fixer contains plastic and metal parts.  The plastic parts are all fabricated on 3-D Printers, so the 3-D printed parts do have a slight "grain". 

  • The 3-D Printed parts are very strong, but are not "unbreakable."  They are very durable and should perform as designed under reasonable conditions.  
  • We stand behind our designs.  If you do have a problem, please contact us.​                                                                   
  • Many of the pictures and instructions will show the Fridge Fixer's plastic parts in multiple colors.  This is done for clarity on the illustrations.  All of the Fridge Fixer's plastic parts are manufactured black in color.             
  • The model numbers listed are the left-most characters of the refrigerator model number.  Your model number will most likely have additional characters, but those extra characters should not affect your Fridge Fixer.  If the left-most characters of your model number match the model listed, you found your match.  
  • The Fridge Fixer mounts in the gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors.  If there are any obstructions in this gap, it can interfere with the Fridge Fixer operation.  Check your door gap for obstructions and be sure to check the undersides of the doors for anything that will interfere. 
  • If you found an obstruction, please check to see if it can be removed (like a previous locking device).  If it cannot be removed please contact us to see if we have a product that will work for your refrigerator.   
  • Check to see that your refrigerator and freezer doors are flush when closed. If the freezer sticks out a significant distance from the refrigerator, please measure that offset so we can accommodate it.  
White Box on bottom of door obstructing gap
  • If your refrigerator has any unusual features, please contact us to help you determine which model will best fit your refrigerator.  For example, this refrigerator appears to have a large door gap, yet the accessible gap is quite small:
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